Birds-Eye-View is a leading manufacturer and global distributor of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), radio-controlled (RC) planes and associated parts.

We produce all parts in-house, which enables us to provide a quick service but also exceptional quality at an affordable price. We also provide custom-built UAVs and RC planes, so we often have the right solution at the right price for the task.

The quality of our products allows us to offer all clients a lifetime limited warranty. However, should it be required, we also have an in-house maintenance, service and repair unit.

We sell to end users (professional and consumer), distributors and businesses worldwide.


We currently work with the following sectors:

Disaster Management (e.g. wildfires and humanitarian aid); Education (e.g. university and college research); Film-making; Freight Transport; Hobbyists (e.g. first person view (FPV)); Insurance (e.g. collecting evidence); Meteorology; Mining; Oil and Gas Exploration; Orthophotography; Policing and Law Enforcement (e.g. border control and public safety); Precision Agriculture; Search and Rescue (e.g. coastguards, mountain rescue and missing persons); Special Forces; Structural Safety Inspections (e.g. rail-roads, pipelines, oil rigs, bridges, power-lines, transmission towers and wind-turbines); Telecommunications; Traffic Accident Reconstruction; Wildlife Monitoring and Protection.


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Wicher and Eva Donga
Managing Directors


SLOW CUB 1100 flying in mist

‘Slow Cub 1100’ flying through mist